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Exciting news we like to share...


After a long hiatus due to COVID-19 and other reasons, the decision was made to transfer running of KinkZone to new owners.


The new owners have been working throughout most of 2023 to get an appropriate venue, landlord and operations and we have secured a space approximately twice as large as the old venue. We have been working closely and been actively engaged with the old owners to ensure that there is a smooth transition in looks, suave, enthusiasm, policies and safety of our members and their guests.


We extend our thanks and gratitude to everyone involved in running KZ previously and we welcome you all to our future events as our guests.


The build of the new venue is progressing, with our internal walls now framed and will be skinned soon. We will post some build photos in the membership area of the site once we are done. We will be transitioning the website slowly overtime to show off the pictures of the new venue's spaces and equipment once they are ready for photos.

KinkZone re-imagined is a custom designed space designed for events where the alternative community needs will be the focus. The space will also be available for hire and will be prioritising inclusive events, intimate performances, workshops and skill-shares run by the Canberra community as well as the events run by KZ. We will update our members newsletters and the website once we have the initial dates for private hire availability and the options for space.

We understand the importance and gravity of keeping the name and are very much looking forward to bringing back the elegance and intimacy to events that people have known and loved at the old venue.

Our focus in the short term is going to be ensuring the sustainability and involving the members of the various community groups around Canberra, because of this we are setting up a small advisory board to help us with our events scheduling and business partnerships. The advisory board will not see your vetting information.

We are also looking for potential staff members to be in the pool of people to help us in running our events. The details of how compensation will look are still being sorted by our lawyers. If you are a vetted member and want to be considered for this, please express an interest so we can let you know once we have details locked in.  All staff will receive professionally sourced training to support various roles needed to run our events (such as Dungeon Supervisors).



A glimpse into what makes KinkZone so special.

Raw, candid and an honest written article by award- winning journalist

Ginger Gorman for

Photo credit Yasmin Idriss

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