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You will find many answers to questions you may have below, please look at the different sections to see all current Frequently asked Questions and our Answers. This will be continuously updated to reflect common questions and answers. If you have additional questions please email us.

Due to our time commitments for event setup, we do not guarantee that we will be able to respond to general enquiries or respond to non-emergency emails (including vetting, membership inquiries or attendance requests) after midday on days when we have an event on that evening. Thank you for understanding.

General Operations

Q - When I contact you with a query, when will I hear back?

A - Our policy is to reply within 5 days.

Q - I just emailed you to join the contact list, when can I purchase a ticket?

A - We add people to the mailing list each Monday and then send out the initial vetting information. If you wish to have this processed more quickly please email us and we can work with you directly for a solution.

Q - What happens when I unsubscribe to the emails?

A - Your profile will be deleted from the server and you will have to re-verify again to receive invites in the future.


Q - How are staff chosen?

A - Staff will nominate themselves and are chosen from the list of vetted members by the Committee for various positions (such as dungeon monitors). Training (e.g. first aid) is then provided.
The specifics of roles, training, structure, etc are still being worked out. Please email us if you're interested in helping out and we will provide the details as soon as we have them.

Q - How do I let the organisers know about an incident at an event?

A - You can choose to raise concerns on the night of the event with any of our staff or after the event via email.

Vetting Details

Q - How is vetting being conducted

A - The vetting process is required to ensure all attendees are safe and will vary depending on the events that you are requesting to attend. We will treat all information with confidentiality and respect.

Regarding our current vetting process, we are making allowances for the fact that there are many new people by currently accepting individuals applications for membership without requiring they are first vouched for by existing members. 

However, the requirement for individuals to provide vetting information (the details of two individuals and description of your level of involvement) has not changed and is the same information that was required under the previous processes.  


In the future, as vetted membership groups and attendees are re-established, this is likely to revert back to individuals requiring to be vouched for by existing members. Any changes to the membership application and vetting process will be communicated via official channels.

Q - What is the purpose of the form and vetting information being requested?

A - Name: ensures we can link you to previously completed vetting information, if other details have changed. Also allows us to confirm membership status with ticket purchases.

  • Email: for primary contact and to uniquely identify you within our database.

  • Phone: not for verification or general contact but as a 2nd point of contact. For example if we had to reach you regarding an issue on a ticket purchase, or your email did not work or if an emergency arose.

  • Address: optional, only suburb or postcode is being requested. For safety and enjoyment for all, it assists as people who attend events elsewhere can have different expectations. We like to ensure they are given a full brief of the differences there may be between their local and ACT and surrounding events. 

  • Fetlife name: for vetting for kink events, and for you to be used as a reference to help friends be vetted.

  • RHP or similar site name: for vetting for Swing events

  • Photo: for vetting for Swing events, especially couples. A photo is a known part of vetting for the swinger community.

  • Emergency Contact & Medical: optional, so we can help in the best way possible by knowing your needs if a situation arises

  • Accepting the Code of Conduct:  required to be read and accepted for everyone's safety and peace of mind. 

We retain your existing vetting details as we vet per party type, so if you request to attend other events this ensures you can be vetted without doing another lengthy vetting process. You will notice that a few of the questions are optional. This is to ensure we are offering the options that people feel comfortable in providing which in turn will help us improve your and everybody's privacy and safety.


Q - Do I need to purchase a membership to KZ?

A - No.

Being on the mailing list as an approved and vetted member automatically grants you status of a general membership.

A minimum of 25% of all tickets are reserved for general members so there will never be an event that is sold out before these tickets go on sale.

Q - As a member, can I bring a guest to an event. eg a +1?

A - All attendees need to provide basic information for the events. As the member purchasing the tickets you will be held equally responsible for your guests behaviors during the events. It is easier and quicker for all, if you email us and get them vetted as an approved guest before tickets are purchased.
A guest is anyone who did not directly receive the code for purchasing a ticket.

If you attend with a non-approved guest you will be asked to leave the event.


Q - I want to contribute more to KZ, how much does the financial memberships cost and what perks do i get?.

A -  We offer 2 levels of financial memberships to suit a variety of people and circumstances.

See our regular emails to members for the membership purchase link.

You dont need to be a paid member to attend our events, minimum of 25% of all tickets are reserved for non-financial members.

  • Silver Membership is $250 per year

    • 1 free event (member and one guest)

    • Early Access to purchase KZ organised events (1 week early than general members mailing list, limited to 4 tickets per event)

    • Wave of all booking fees for KZ organised events

    • 10% Discount on private hire

  • Gold level membership is $525 per year

    • Early Access to purchase KZ organised events (1 week early than general members mailing list, limited to 4 tickets per event)

    • Wave of all booking fees for KZ organised events

    • 10% Discount on private hire

    • 2 free events instead of one (for the member and a guest)

    • $10 off each ticket for KZ organised events (maximum of 2 per event)

Please email us to get the links to RSVP to your Free events​​


Q - Can I use the perks of membership or other purchases (eg discounts, ticket books, half price tickets) for the first events?

A - Yes.

Q - What happens if I purchase a membership and want to use it on short notice?

A - We are planning on updating new members every Monday with any currently available codes valid for their new membership level. If you want a ticket purchase code on short notice after purchasing a membership, please email us.


Q - How are memberships renewed?

A - Available at the end of the month 11 months after purchase. Our memberships purchased through sticky tickets are not automatically renewing. 

Example -  If you purchase a membership during March 2024, in February 2025 (one month before expiry) there will be both the option to purchase either-

  • Porchase a new membership valid until February 2026 or

  • To renew an existing membership until March 2026. There will also be the renewal option available during March 2025 to give you 8 week window for renewal for your convenience.

If you do nothing you will automatically be transferred to being a General (non-financial) on 31 March 2025.


Q - I purchase an event ticket using the Silver/Gold codes given to me for a event outside of my membership period. What happens?

A - If you use the code after your Silver/Gold membership expires, your ticket may not be honored and refunds are available.

If the ticket was purchased while you were a still a member, we will hold your space so you have an opportunity to renew your membership before the event. If you wish to attend without renewing your membership then additional costs may be incurred.


Q - I purchased a standard/Silver membership in March 2024. In Oct 2024, I decided that I want to upgrade to a Gold membership. What happens?

A - Once payment is received you will be upgraded to a new Gold membership until 31 October 2025. You will then have all the perks of Gold membership until the expiry date. 

Q - What is the refund policy on memberships?
A - Please email us within the first month of your membership period to arrange a refund (minus booking processing fees).
Refunds outside of the first month will be looked at on an individual case by case basis for exceptional circumstances.


Q - Are the founding memberships linked back to the regular always available memberships?

A - No, these are completely separate limited time offerings. All memberships, regardless of level, are always dependent on maintaining a vetted status.


Q - 2 years of founding membership description of perks seems to continue from the descriptions of gold membership.

A - Yes. We will update the perks for 2 years in our system to 12 Half price tickets (instead of 4 free tickets) to make up for the change. You don't need to do anything.


Q - What does the previous answer mean for the 3 years founding membership?

A - The 3 year perk will be updated to 14 half price tickets per year, instead of 6 free tickets to make up for the change. 


Q - Do founding members pay booking fees on tickets?

A - Yes, founding memberships will pay booking fees, but get extra perks (when you present your founding token) for as long as KZ runs. These will be periodically updated or changed depending on what extra events are being run at the time. We are going to be looking at more ways in recognising our founding members. 

After your time with the existing perks for founding membership ends, you can choose to take up the other membership levels to get those perks.


Q - Can I use the book of prepaid tickets as well as half price tickets at the same event?

A - Yes, Please email us as this will need to be done manually.


Q. Can the 10 half price tickets be used as 5 free ones instead?

A. Yes, Please email us for that code in stickytickets. KZ can be flexible with the ticket usage, contact us to discuss.


Q - Can I use the book of prepaid tickets as well as half price tickets at the same event?

A - Yes, Please email us as this will need to be done manually.


Q - Are the pre-paid ticket book or half price ticket perks able to be used for other events at KZ beyond the standard party schedule?

A - For all events being run by the KZ Crew they will be valid tickets (e.g. you can attend a KZ run workshop with those tickets). 

For events that are hosted by other organisers using KZ, such as potential performances, workshops or skill-shares etc, that will be up to the individual organiser. When in doubt, just email us.


Q. Can I purchase more than one pre-paid ticket book?

A. No, this is limited to one purchase per person.


Q. Can I use my pre-paid ticket book to purchase tickets for friends?

A. Yes, provided they are an approved and vetted member of KZ for that type of event.


Q. How many pre-paid tickets can I use at the one event?

A. Provided tickets are still available for sale, you may use all 10 tickets at the one event. Each ticket holder has to be an approved and vetted member of KZ for that type of event.


Q. How long are the pre-paid tickets book valid for?

A. 12 months. You have until Friday 1 March 2025 for us to confirm what events you are attending using those tickets.

Venue Accessibility

While the venue is not accessible at this time, The KZ Crew are taking steps to address this and improve the accessibility to the space.​

The new venue is on the second floor of the building and the access is via a flight of stairs up to our entrance.

There is no lift in the building.

A Chair lift for the stairs between the street and the venue has been sourced directly by the KZ Crew to increase the level of accessibility with written full approval from the landlord. The sad news is that it is not expected to be installed until May 2024 at the earliest with the manufacturer's time frames.


​Our showers inside the venue are accessible and there is an accessible toilet on the entry level for guests to use.

Access to our private Courtyard requires traversing a flight of steps again.

Once you're inside our venue, all the internal spaces are single level with lots of space for a Manual Wheelchair and other mobility aids with 96cm wide doors at our narrowest for accessing our smaller spaces.

The standard, gender neutral toilets that are provided by the building only has a door width of 75cm. We do not have any separate Ambulant toilets.


There are no flurolesent lights in the building.

If you have any specific requirements or questions about the accessibility please email us and we are quite happy to give you a phone call to talk it through.

What spaces can I hire?

We are working out the logistics on that right now.

What can I expect at a Swingers event?

Some questions you may have specific to swing events. When in doubt, we also have the more general code of conduct

Q: It’s my first time at a party like this. Will someone show me around?
A: Yes. We ask all our new guests to arrive by early for a private introduction tour by our KZ
Crew. We will advise of your early arrival time via email. 


Q: Can anyone just show up to the venue and pay cash at the door?
A: No. We are not open to the public. All our guests must be verified, a code is sent to you
once you have completed our verification process. Your e-tickets, which provide you the
full venue address can only be purchased online only.


Q: Do we have to take off our clothes at a certain time?
A: No. We actually prefer you to ease into the party socially at first. Like any party, get to
know your fellow guests but if you insist, sure!


Q: Someone asks us join in, do we have to?
A: Only if you want to! It takes courage to approach anyone so say No politely or Yes with
enthusiasm! Treat people how you want to be treated.


Q: Can I change my mind if I begin to feel uncomfortable?
A: Yes, absolutely! You control your own experiences at all times. Consent can be given and
taken away by you at anytime. Your body, your Rules!


Q: I want to join in with someone, what do I do?
A: Simply approach them and respectfully ask if they are interested in playing, or if you can
join the play that is going on. NEVER jump into a play session without asking.


Q: If I get drunk will that help?
A: No, absolutely not, while a little “Dutch courage” may take the edge off your nerves in
the beginning of the night, being aware of your senses is paramount. Being able to give
and receive Consent means you must be sober to make decisions you won’t regret the next


Q: Will I be guaranteed to get sex?
A: No. Just being there is no guarantee someone will want you. Increase your chances by
being social, polite and putting yourself out there by engaging in conversations. Being
freshly showered is important, smelling clean and sexy is always a bonus.


Q: Can I buy sex from someone there?
A: No! KinkZone is not a brothel.


Q: I'm a single guy can I attend?
A: Less than a handful of approved single males are invited to our parties. These gents have
been to several of our other events in the past and have proven themselves to be polite,
respectable and all-round good guys. You are welcome to attend our other events.


Q: Is there a dress code?
A: Yes, always dress to impress, you'll have better results. Our themed nights are fun but
not compulsory to partake in. Clean, stylish and sexy dress is always encouraged.


Q: Is there an age restriction?
A: Yes, 18 is the minimum age. There is no maximum age but best suited for under 80!


Q: Canberra is so small, what if I see someone I know?
A: Say hi, you're both there for the same reasons, neither of you will gain anything by it
becoming known to those outside of KinkZone

What to expect at a Swingers party

What can I expect at a KZ play party?

Please be sure to review the Code of Conduct for all KZ events, available here or in the footer.

We have a what to expect write-up for our events that will be expanded here (coming soon)

We are always open to having a chat and talking through things so reach out with any questions

There are other write-ups by others are available too, searching the internet came up with these in no particular order.

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